Sunday, June 7, 2015

Good Batch of Sundaes

Sundays are usually spent being lazy; relaxing, watching some sports, having a nice sunday dinner, going to church...etc. My Sundays are in fact, the opposite.. because on Sundays, Brooklyn Bridge Park host the Smorgasburg. There is a plethora of diverse food at the Smorgasburg, the options range from the delicious Ramen Burger to authentic Ethiopian food and everything in between (I'll be posting about these soon!). This also includes ice cream, but not just any ice cream - ice cream sandwiches from The Good Batch specifically. Being a regular at the Smorgasburg I've had the opportunity to try three different options from The Good Batch, and in all honestly I'm in love with them all.

 1. Vanilla Nutella: Who doesn't love some Nutella? The cookie seen in this sandwich is a soft baked chocolate chocolate chip sugar cookie, vanilla ice cream in the middle, and it is finished with a Nutella cream and some chopped hazelnuts. It was absolutely delightful.

2.  The Goodwich: This is definitely for someone who loves originality with a little twist. The cookie featured is an oat chocolate chunk cookie, vanilla ice cream in the middle, finished with a fudge drizzle and sprinkled with sea salt. Perfection.

3. The Kripsy: The Kripsy just happens to be my favorite. It is a Rice Krispy marshmallow sandwich with vanilla ice cream. Basically all things that are considered delicious. The Krispy sandwich is the perfect combination of gooey and consistent. It keeps it together even after the first bite which is something I appreciate while stuffing my face within a large group of people haha.

The Good Batch became known for its Stroopwafels, I haven't had the chance to try yet but I will definitely be making my way to a retail store in the near future. The Good batch can be find throughout retail stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan, they also have a website where you can place orders for their stroopwafels, cookies, and macaroons. Sadly, their ice cream sandwiches cannot be purchased this way.

For a full list of retailers or to see their online selection, visit their website :

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