Saturday, April 16, 2016

Smoking Blue in NYC

Hey guys, I'm baaaaaack. Sorry for going MIA for so long working 52 hours a week is a little tough, but I have some really yummy posts coming up for you all and I'm reaaaaaal excited. 

One of the newest places I've discovered on my journey to fatness is Blue Smoke NYC in the Flat Iron District of Manhattan, which also has the club Jazz Standard attached to it. It's a southern barbecue restaurant which inspirations that range from South Carolina to Texas. It gets its name from "the curl of blue smoke that rises from perfectly smoked meat" (according to the website, Blue smoke also has a restaurant in Battery Park City, an on the road baseball concessions at Citi Field and Washington Nationals Ball Park, as well as a concession at JFK airport. They even host the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party that helps raise money for Madison Square Park Conservancy. 

I'm a sucker for a doughnut, whether it be savory of sweet, I'm always all up in there. So obviously when I discovered their Bright-Eyed Breakfast sandwich, I was all about it. Its a biscuit doughnut topped with a fried egg, pimento cheese, and spicy perfectly fried chicken. It was honestly as amazing as it sounds. The doughnut was glazed put was also topped with what I think was chili powder, it was sweet and spicy and everything a breakfast doughnut should be. The fried chicken was juicy and seasoned to perfection. To be honest, I was a little nervous about the pimento cheese because I've really ever only used it for dipping, and I learned that I've been doing it wrong my whole life because you really should be putting pimento cheese on like everything haha. They serve it with a simple mixed greens salad dressed with a acidic vinaigrette. The combo really played off each other well, the acidity of the salad helped with the spiciness of the fried chicken and doughnut. Overall a delicious and filling meal, I could only finish half of my Bright-Eyed sandwich. 

Usually I am one to leave nothing but crumbs on my plate, a little disappointed in myself when my stomach was beginning to explode from fullness halfway through. But then I realized, everyone else just ordered a sandwich, where as Millicia and I also treated ourselves with an appetizer of biscuits and mac & cheese ( we obviously don't play when it comes to food, as if anyone should joke with such a serious matter). 

The Buttermilk Biscuits are baked fresh daily, and they were exquisite. Flaky inside and topped with seemed to be a honey glaze and sprinkled with sea salt, I've truly never had a biscuit like it before. The fresh preserves that day were raspberry (I'm almost positive) and it was apparent they were fresh and tasted delightful. 

The Mac & Cheese was creamy and exactly what you would expect for a southern style mac & cheese. Baked in a skillet, cheesy, gooey, and delicious. The whole meal was delicious. I would definitely go back again to try something else on their menu. I'm not even a big fan of barbecue and I was floored at how good it was. The whole feel of the restaurant is comforting and warm. The waiters and waitresses were helpful and attentive. It was a great brunch experience. 

Obviously no meal is complete without dessert. We made our way down to Sundaes & Cones on 10th and 3rd. A little bit a walk but we figured we would work off what we ate and work up more of an appetite for the ice cream we were going to devour. 

Sundaes & Cones originated in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn in 1991 and decided to relocate to the East Village in 2006. They are well known for the quality of their ice cream, as well as the inventive flavors that they offer (i.e ginger, tiramisu, corn, and wasabi). I stick to what I like and know usually, so I got cookies and cream and cookie dough on a waffle cone (insert yum face emoji here). All I have to say is that it was not disappointing at all. Maybe next time I'll try something different (probably not though, cookies & cream 4 lifeeee). 

Then we took a cab back to Brooklyn because we had a serious case of the "Itis" (for those of you who do not know the definition: The general feeling of lethargy and well-being experienced after eating a satisfying meal. This phenomena is particularly triggered by foods high in carbohydrates and meats containing the amino acid tryptophan. Thanks Urban Dictionary). All in all, another successful day of eating. Stay tuned for more!