Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Biting My Way Through Brooklyn

One of my favorite things about the spring/summer is spending my beautiful Sunday's stuffing my face with new food. Brooklyn Bridge Park makes this extremely easy for me. Not only is it so beautiful over there but mostly because every Sunday from 11AM-6PM they host Smorgasburg at Pier 6. I know exactly what you're all thinking... "What the heck is a Smorgasburg?!" And there is really only one word that I can use to describe it... HEAVEN! Just kidding. But seriously, if heaven does it exists, this would be mine.

Smorgasburg is when a bunch of different food vendors who make their way to Pier 6 on Sunday and deliver extremely diverse and delicious food to the public for most of the day. The food is also not too expensive, which is always a positive for me. You can definitely eat on a budget there and leave satisfied. I've made my way there quite a few times this year already (more than I'd like to admit, totes worth it though). Throughout my visits there I've tried a number of different foods and I've never been disappointed. Also, if you're looking for a good way to burn off all the calories you just ate, you can take a nice walk along the park down to Dumbo right under the Brooklyn Bridge (& maybe get some ice cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory for the walk back). 

And here there are:
The Ramen Burger
This has to be one of the absolute best burgers I've had in my life. It it's a cooked to perfection angus beef burger, shoyu sauce (Japanese sauce for anyone wondering it's a secret recipe so no clue what is in it sorry guys haha), and arugula wrapped in authentic handmade ramen noodle buns. It is TO DIE for. The noodles hold well together as a bun which shocked me. But when you bite into it the noodles melt in your mouth and an explosion of taste erupt into your tastebuds. Basically you never want it to end. 

Home Frites
Home Frites was one of the best fries I've had the pleasure of inhaling (I ate them so fast that is the only term that's appropriate). There are a few different options (even Vegan!). I got the Original which are natural hand cut russet potatoes fried in 100% canola oil and seasoned with kosher salt. They're crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside paired with their handmade sauces, they are honestly great. I'm a sucker for garlic so I obviously chose the lemon garlic aioli, and I was NOT disappointed. A must try, the wait is worth it. 

Milk Truck Mac & Cheese
This photo does not do this delectable cup of cheesy noodles justice. By far one of the best Mac and cheeses I've tasted (& trust me there have been a few!). The cheese is aged cheddar, gruyere & asiago cheeses blended into a creamy bechamel sauce (made from milk, butter and flour, usually a base for other sauces), fresh mozzarella added on top right before hot cooked-to-perfection bow tie noodles are mixed in. They finish the dish off with rosemary breadcrumbs...  Hi loverrrrr! The truck usually shows up a little late to the Smorgasburg party so if you don't initially see them, don't fret they will be there. 

Bite Size Kitchen Buns
A main component of Asian street food, these little buns look unusual but they are super tasty and pack a punch. I tried the braised pork belly and the red curry coconut chicken. The braised pork belly had pickled jalapeƱos, cucumbers, scallions, and hoisin (traditional sauce used in Chinese cuisine). It was delightful, something I've never had before but would definitely get again. The red curry coconut chicken had crushed peanuts, fried garlic (you're probably seeing a pattern now haha), cilantro, and shallots. Both great but the pork belly definitely won it for me. 

And what meal is complete without dessert?! I'm borderline obsessed with The Good Batch so I always grab an ice cream sandwich when I go to Smorgasburg. My absolute favorite is The Krispy! 
For more information on the ice cream refer to my previous post titled A Good Batch of Sundaes

Smorgasburg is not limited to Brooklyn Bridge Park, thankfully. They reside in Williamsburg, Queens, and a couple of other places. It is definitely worth the trip and the money. If you have a free weekend and looking for some good eats, make you're way down! For more information on Smorgasburg, including locations and vendors, visit 

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