Saturday, August 1, 2015

Big Mouth Strikes Again

After a very long week and a half, me and my best friend, Millicia, were due for a reunion. What better way to commemorate a friendship than by eating a glorious meal together? We couldn't think of a better idea either. So, with this in mind we made our way to the city to Broadway Bites. The day started off rocky because as usual we decided to wing it on the train and get off were we thought was right instead of checking (typical, I know). Then we find out that our train isn't running, and of course get off at the wrong stop. Deciding what we should do is never easy, so we like to flip a coin. The coin toss decided that we would make our way 20 blocks to Broadway Bites. We schlep our way there, and of course can't find it. Upon googling to find the correct location, we learned that we were standing in it. The the problem, you ask? We were actually 5 days late because it ended on the 26th (LOL, our bad). So we took a cab to choice B, and boy were we grateful. 

Choice B: The Smith on 3rd Ave between East 10th and 11th. (They also have locations in Midtown and Lincoln Center)

I heard really great things about this place so I was happy to get it considering our original plan was foiled. After browsing the Saturday lunch menu, we decided on a couple Watermelon Fizzes, the Mac&Cheese for an appetizer, and we each got a BLT+E with fries. Let me tell you, not one thing was a disappointment. We were actually elated that our whole day was a mess up until that point, that's how good everything turned out. The atmosphere of the place is really chill and cool. There's music playing in the background but not too loud where you can enjoy the company of who you're with. They have a full bar, plus a variety of brunch and other special cocktails and beers. A MUST TRY. 
Watermelon Fizz: Fresh Watermelon, Gin, and Champagne. So light and delicious and even to give you a little buzz without feeling like you wasted your calories on a drink. They change the fizz for the seasonal fruit and I love love love watermelon so we were both happy campers. 

Mac&Cheese: Taste like your typical beschamel sauce with cheddar and maybe some Gruyere cheese. Cooked in a skillet and brought to the table still sizzling. The sides and top get a nice crisp while the middle is nice and cheesy with pasta cooked to perfection. It might be just as good as S'MAC (just a couple blocks away actually!). Very filling though, we couldn't finish it all but very very delicious yummmmmmy. 

BLT+E: Bacon, lettuce, and tomato + a fried egg finished with mayo and a nice hearty side of French fries dipped in Sir Kensington Ketchup (all natural, only 2 grams of sugar!). Me and Mill love a good croissant, bacon is love no matter what it's on, and the tomatoes were so fresh they crunched. It was honestly delicious. The fries were cooked perfectly, nice and crunchy on the outside and nice and smooth on the inside. Ugh the only complaint I had was that it was over. It was so good I never wanted it to end. And I'm definitely going back to try other things on their menu.

We always have room for dessert, and we're both suckers for ice cream. Since we already tried a couple of places in the East Village already, we wanted to try something new. We decided on a place called Mikey Likes It on Avenue A and East 13th. This place was so cool. Just a little shop with minimal seating, but the vibe was so great and the employees were really nice and helpful. The clock on the wall is dubbed with inspirational people from the 80s and 90s, like Kevin McCallister(Home Alone), Salt N' Pepa, and of course The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air(Will Smith). They have flavors also inspired by inspirational figures, like the Larry Legend (vanilla custard with pieces of chocolate donut, vanilla cake, and elephant ear cookies), Ice Ice Baby (tripled vanilla, featuring three different types of vanilla beans), and Cool Runnings (coconut ice cream with coconut and dark chocolate shavings and toasted almonds). And concoctions that range from the Mac Daddy (ice cream sandwiched between waffles), 2 Live Crew (milkshake with your choice), and Milli Vanilli (float with your choice of coke or rootbeer and ice cream), you'll always be satisfied. I obviously got the Larry Legend in a cup, Millicia got the Chocolate Thunder (quadruple chocolate churned ice cream) in a sugar cone. Really really really great organic ice cream. They can even make ice cream lactose free and vegan if requested in advance.
To learn more about The Smith and to see the menu visit the website at To learn more about Mikey Likes It Ice Cream, to view the menu, and inquire about services (they do wedding receptions!) visit their website at 

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