Thursday, August 27, 2015

Throwback Thursday Deliciousness

Last month I spent a week in the overwhelming sweaty Sunshine State, Florida. While there I didn't get to do as much eating as I would've enjoyed, but I did get to hit up some favorite spots as well as some new ones. 

One of our favorite places to visit while there is the Beach Comber Resort in Pompano Beach. With overnight accommodations, a private pool, private beach, and good dining, who would miss out on a trip here? Usually we go there for the day and use the private beach and pool, but the deliciously small menu doesn't hurt either. With dishes ranging from mahi mahi to burgers, there are options for everyone. 

I'm a really big seafood lover, so when I saw "Tropical Lump Crabcake" I was automatically in. Served on a bed of greens with a chipotle ranch sauce, and a tropical chilled avocado salsa, I was automatically in heaven. 
 This dish was the perfect of hot and cold with a little kick of spice from the chipotle ranch sauce. My only real complaint that it was over and maybe I could've used a little more avocado (but in reality, who couldn't use more avocado always?). For anyone who knows me personally, you would not be surprised by my choice of this dish based on only the fact that it had some type of ranch. I'm OBSESSED with ranch so maybe my opinion of the dish is a little biased, but that's okay there wasn't even a crumb left. 

My uncle is another fish lover, he went with the Fish Tacos. Mahi Mahi topped with a key lime coleslaw, cilantro sour cream, cheddar, and fresh pico de gallo on three warm tortillas served with chips and salsa (naturally). If I had the chance to try them I would've, but considering he demolished the dish in 5 minutes I'm guessing they were pretty good haha. 
I did get to steal some chips and salsa and it was pretty good. Crunchy chips and refreshing salsa. 

The meal also consisted of multiple burgers, fries, chicken fingers, and an array of fancy frozen delicious cocktails. If you are ever in the area or thinking about vacationing, The Beachcomber is definitely somewhere to look into! There are also other resorts on the same strip that rent jetskis and have other activities that could be a lot of fun. 

My family lives in Boyton Beach which is just a short ride to West Palm Beach. West Palm is known for being a little more commercial, especially in the area called City Place. There is a lot of shopping, dining, and fun stuff (movies, arcades, etc.) to do over here. My favorite obviously being food. I have a really big sweet tooth, which I'm sure those of you who have read my previous post know. My aunt basically forced me into trying macroons. Never really sure what a macaroon was, it wasn't really something I went out of my way to try. If emojis were an accepted form of communication on all platforms I would insert multiple heart eyes right now. 

A macaron is a light cookie made with egg whites, sugar, ground almonds, and/or coconut. They come in a variety of flavors. I tried a couple, including lavender and vanilla, but I fell in love with raspberry and salted caramel. I really love anything jelly related, and who doesn't love a nice salty caramel food experience? I went back to Le Macaron like 3 times just to get more. Luckily, it's a chain and I will be making my way to an NYC store as soon as I can. 
My first thought based on the appearance was that they would be hard or crunchy, which is why I never really looked into trying them (I like everything mushy and undercooked). When I bit in, I fell in love. The crunchy outside is immediately put aside by the soft and sweet center filled with cream of sometimes jelly. The best part about these is that you get relief of your sugar craving but it's not over powered in anyway. I tried macrons from another place, but I was disappointed so I'll stick with my Le Macron and their expensive treats :) 

City Place is also know for a sweet shop called Sloan's. Sloan's is known for their unique ice cream flavors, homemade waffle cones, dipped apples, fudge, multiple candies, and whimsical gifts. There are multiple locations in Florida and one location is California.

Walking in the store you feel like a little kid. It really is like being "Wonderland" which is what they aim for. It's fun to just walk around and look at all they have to offer. I naturally could not resist going in and trying something. And of course that something was ice cream. My grandma got ice cream too, which you'll see soon ;). The ice cream was good, a good consistency and tasty. They definitely had some unique flavors and a concoction of toppings and cones to choose from. 

I got the Southern Butter Pecan and the Cookie Monster. I stick to what I know usually because I hate being disappointed when it comes to my food (fatty for life). I wasn't disappointed, it was really great. 

I don't even remember what my grandma got, all I know was that it was soft served and dipped in chocolate shell and she was loving it. 
Gramz dove right in, I'm glad she enjoyed it and I'm also glad I got this picture. 

So when in Florida; Le Macaron, Sloan's, and Beachcomber. There are a couple of other places I haven't gotten to try yet on my trips, but I'll get there hopefully haha. (Currently writing this post while sitting in a workshop, food is obviously my number one priority!) 

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